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I See You, Girl

And here's a little LOVE & GRACE coming your way.

Not sure what to do with your new "found" time?

Do you feel like every time you scroll social media (SM) there are SO many different opinions about what you should or shouldn't be doing while you're social distancing or stuck at home? Kind of like the pressure we already feel when we're told to look a certain way. Dress a certain way. Weigh this not that. Be bold but not rude. Hustle after your dreams but don't compromise anyone else's. Be polite but not TOO polite so you don't get ran over. Have kids - don't have kids. Feel guilty for wanting to do something for yourself.

Some of the things I've seen we should or shouldn't be doing are listed below.

-try a new recipe

-self care

-start that side HUSTLE

-binge Netflix

-come up with a different freakin' activity for your kiddos to do every damn day

-get in the BEST shape of your life

-yard work

-read a book

-start a podcast

-finish the dang baby book (I have yet to finish one. And I have three kids.)

-write a novel

-date your husband

-hoard toilet paper

-do nothing

-clean until your hands fall off

The list could go on.

I'm somewhere in the middle. I wish I could just kick back & do all of the above. But I was already working remotely before this thing upset our world. I was already navigating what it means to be a "stay at home/work full-time from home/launch my own business & leave the corporate world mom." Don't forget to add in some of the above things society wants me to also look like & be doing alongside this new title I worked so hard for. Just as soon as I thought I had a "system" down - He thought otherwise & here we are. Guess what friends - He does not give us more than we can handle. He has a plan far greater than we could ever imagine. He does not care if your "grid" is perfectly curated & cohesive or if you're the top earner in your company. If you have one follower or 10K followers - He loves you the same!

My heart aches for every life taken & family hurt by this pandemic. It breaks my heart knowing grandpa is in the care center & grandma (his partner of 60 years) can't visit him. My girls ask to see Papa Great. But we don't know when that time will come. There are many more families with similar stories & I lift them up in prayer.

But I have chosen to see this time as a gift from above. For both my family & my career. As a family of five, we have been able to do some things that our recent daily schedules haven't allowed time for. Y'all, the Harriman's have made dinner three nights in a row! Alert the media. We've baked. Had slumber parties. We even have some new nicknames! Delaney Ruth is now dumptruck. She had the walking toots yesterday.

We have LAUGHED.

We have LOVED.

We have driven each other BONKERS.

We have PLAYED.

We have CRIED & utilized time out.


And what I'm about to type has brought a tear to my eye. I can honestly say that this is probably the first time in six years we have had an entire week of family dinners & everyone under the same roof five days in a row. I've always worked a typical 9-5 corporate gig. Matt would go straight from school to coaching. And recently a few shifts at his side hustle to support my dreams. Until a couple weeks ago our girls had activities Monday - Thursday. I'm left here wondering why it took a flippin' pandemic to make this happen? It's ironic that my word for 2020 is TIME. I sure as hell got what I asked for & MORE. And I will use every last drop of it to just BE with my family & work on my GOALS.

I plan to unapologetically pour into my business. This year alone I have invested $2K of hard earned money to learn & grow. And I hope & pray I can bring like-minded women along with me!!

If you've made it this far, here is my note to YOU.

Give yourself some freaking GRACE.

Feel your emotions.


Take the time to check-in on loved ones.

Read the same damn children's book one more time after you've already read it 28 times.

Be OK with a messy house if it means getting on the ground & playing with your kids.

Launch a website. Who cares if it's not perfect! Hint: no one.

Sit. Be still. Listen to everything around you.

Stress bake like I did tonight. (Hello gut ache from puppy chow.)

Pray for small biz owners & healthcare workers running full speed ahead into the unknown. All politics aside, pray for our leaders.

I don't care what you do, but continue to find the JOY.

I think it's pretty safe to say we will never (pray anyways!) experience a time again when planes stay on the ground, sports aren't happening, restaurants are too quiet from people enjoying one another's company & toilet paper = gold. You get what I'm aiming at.

We are living history right now. Make the best of it. For THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Love you,



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