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DIY Hanging Art Display

My creative attempt to artistically display the girls' crafts & our Polaroid pics!

I wanted to find a creative (yet visually pleasing) way to display all of the girls' art projects, endless crafts that are always happening at our home. It's hard for me to toss their creations & I'm sick of watching them pile up on the counter. So I turned a piece of copper piping into this!

I'm all for a super easy do-it-yourself project & when I posted this on Insta, nearly two dozen people said, "Yes, we'd like a quick tutorial!" Note: if you prefer to watch a tutorial or have someone speak directions to you - head on over to my Insta page @abbyharriman & find this under my DIY highlight.

Supplies needed:

  • -copper piping cut to whatever size you want

  • -ribbon (any color & width you want)

  • -Command strips to hang (I prefer clear.)

  • -Clothing pin or something to attach art to ribbon (I like these clips from the @Target Dollar Spot. I also used some of the girls' hair bows & that worked, too.)

  • Scissors

My local hardware store sells copper piping in 10' pieces. I use copper piping for photobooth stands & sign holders in my event biz & happened to have a little piece leftover (approx. 2'). If you don't have a way to cut the copper, I would check with your local hardware store first to see if they can cut it down for you. Mine is spray painted bronze from another project. But I'm thinking a matte black would be cool, too. I also think just plain copper gives it that industrial/modern feel. Once your copper is cut to size, tie your ribbon on one end of the copper. Next, I put the copper pipe up to the wall where I wanted it to rest & from there I hung the @Command clip above & figured out how much ribbon I needed in order for it to hang & reach the other side of copper. Tie same piece of ribbon to other side of copper. I recommend not cutting any ribbon for this step as you can let this same piece of ribbon (after being tied on both sides) hang down as one of your art holders. Depending on the size of copper you went with, tie more individual pieces of ribbon onto the copper. Keep in mind, if you have little ones running around they might want to tug on the ribbon. So trim ribbon accordingly.

Lastly, clip artwork to ribbon & enjoy changing out your masterpieces from time-to-time.

That was easy, right?

Be sure to tag me @abbyharriman if you decide to make one. And be sure to subscribe to my email list for more DIY ideas.

Have a lovely weekend!




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